1. The club strictly prohibits the use of mobile phones, cameras and other audio or video recording equipment.

2. The club is full of discretion and freedom. You can everything but people who do not follow the rules will be out of the club.

3. Usta Swingers Club provides guests with access to all rooms – the price of the admission ticket.

4. Burn cigarettes can only and only in designated places. While in the club do not abuse alcohol.

5. From our guests we require a high personal culture and adherence to the principles of cleanliness. Any inappropriate behavior will be immediately eliminated.

6. Condoms are provided free of charge, are located in every room, after use they must be thrown into the bin.

7. For our guests are provided sheets and towels. After using them, put them in a laundry basket – they are in every room.

8. While in the club, any partner disagreements we leave to the explanation until the moment of leaving the Swingers Club.

9. At parties there is no compulsion – you can leave the club at any time without giving a reason.

10. The Club reserves the right not to allow persons under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants.

11. The club has the right to turn or not allow guests to the club – without giving any reason and without ruturning entrance fee.


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