About Us

Usta Swingers Club it is a great place for people who are looking for friendship, flirt, sex and real relationship with friendly people. Usta Swingers Club WARSAW – cultural community, cheerful and open exchange enjoyment of people who love life. Over 5 years organizing events in the Swingers Club’s, which enjoy a reputation among sympathetic and able to entertain people culturally. Prestige, discretion and selection – is the foundation of a good party.

Events that we organize – we all, collectively taking care of the company (by inviting each other to Usta Swingers Club and meeting other interesting places), a sexy super atmosphere, attracting a lot of wonderful, interesting and extraordinary people. The atmosphere that prevails and is able to make the results that we yearn for each other. Meetings do not rely only on the mechanical engaging in sex  but allow you to know if you feel like it.

View of happy people is the most beautiful picture that paints life.

Calendar of events

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Usta Club - popularne:

Is Elegant GangBang for me?

Elegant Gang Bang is an event aimed primarily at courageous ladies of unbridled senses and plenty of erotic energy and elegant men ready to take on the challenge and satisfy the […]

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Swingers Party Only for Couples

Swingers Party Only for Couples EVERY Saturday 2016 starts at 9pm till 5am in USTA SWINGERS CLUB – WARSAW Swingers Party event only for couples, where you can fulfill your […]

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